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Market Your Business With Snazzy Vehicle Graphics

Your fleet presents a remarkable marking opportunity – if you seize the moment. We’re here to help you do it. At Aubrey Sign Co., we use our years of experience to help our customers design vehicle graphics. Throughout Fox Valley, clients have driven their company cars around town – receiving free advertising. Whether you drive a car, truck, RV, bus, motorcycle, or even a boat, we can help. We use various methods to achieve gorgeous results. You can trust us due to our professionalism, creativity, and collaborative nature. And no matter what, you can count on us to deliver the goods.

vehicle graphics

Vinyl Lettering and Decals Are Our Specialties

Our team is proud of our reputation for providing just what our customers need and want. And now it’s your turn. We would be happy to help you create new business opportunities each time you stop at a traffic light or go to a restaurant.

We Can Offer Two Primary Types of Digitally-Printed Vehicle Graphics:
Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl letting is the perfect solution for business owners who merely want to display basic information. But make no mistake; vinyl lettering can make a bold statement. We can use multiple colors, outlines, and shadows to punctuate your brand. We price our vinyl lettering based on the surface area covered.


We can use decals in combination with vinyl lettering or use them on their own. The choice is yours. Decals can be anything you want, but most customers opt for their logo or an example of their work. Think of decals as wallpaper that covers an area of your vehicle. We can work with you to fully realize your vision.

We Can Catapult Your Business to New Heights

The next time you take your company vehicle out on the road, consider whether a decal or vinyl lettering might help your business. We’re confident you won’t regret the decision. We specialize in building strong relationships with our customers. Our ability to do so is based on our extreme dedication to our craft. Contact us today for more information.

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