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Customized Illuminated Signs in Aurora, IL

When you own a business, you want your name to stand out to potential customers. Signage is one of the best ways to accomplish the visibility you need, and illuminated signs is a great method. Aubrey Sign Co., located in Batavia, IL, offers customized illuminated signs for any business around us, including Aurora, IL, and South Elgin, IL. Call us today to learn more.

illuminated sign

Why Choose Illuminated Signs?

Signs are obviously a great way to advertise your business. You want something attractive and eye-catching so that people walking or driving by will notice your business and be impressed. The illuminated signs we create do all of those things and also increase visibility when it’s dark, which means your business can be noticed 24/7.

When you choose Aubrey Sign Co., you don’t just get these benefits. You can also choose the type of lighting that you want for your customized sign. You can choose between different illumination methods, including neon signs, halo illuminated letters, and lightbox signs. Pick the shape, color, and lighting that’s best for you.

Some Other Benefits That Come From Our Illuminated Signs Include:
Better Brand Perception

When we create a high-quality sign for you that not only looks nice, but also lights up, people will notice that you put time and effort into your image. They’ll recognize the quality of your business.

Improved Personality

With a light-up sign from Aubrey Sign Co., you can better portray your business’s personality. We use lights strategically to bring certain elements and colors of your sign into focus so that you can have the exact sign you want.

Higher Security

Increased illumination around your property is never a bad idea. With an illuminated sign, your entryway will have light 24/7, which can deter any criminal activity.

Why Choose Us?

Aubrey Sign Co. has been in business for over 18 years, so we have the experience we need to provide the best-quality signs available. Our team is dedicated to satisfy you, and we’re happy to help your business, school, church, or any other property with the signage that you need.

Get Started on Your Next Sign