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Electronic Messaging Helps Fox Valley Businesses Succeed

Aubrey Sign Co. provides outstanding customer service and superior attention to detail. We specialize in creating signage that draws clients to your business and sends a message about who you are. Electronic messaging centers help Fox Valley businesses advertise themselves and special events affordably. We work hand-in-hand with reliable manufacturers. Our status as a distributor for some of the most reliable companies makes us the best option for all your electronic messaging center needs.

electronic messages

The Many Benefits of Electronic Messaging Boards

LED reader boards are becoming increasingly popular – especially at schools and shopping centers. Our display units are fully programmable, and you can control yours wirelessly. Not only that, but you can display full-motion videos and choose from monochrome color schemes and full-spectrum colors. Our role is simple: We design the project, pull the permits, install the sign, and provide training and support.

The Benefits of Choosing an Electronic Messaging Center Include:
They Boost Your Visibility

Adequate signage is crucial to putting your company on the map. And an illuminated LED reader board is the perfect way to boost your company’s visibility. Do you have an event or sale coming up? Using your messaging center is a great way to get the message out.

24-Hour Advertising

Even when your business is closed, your electronic messaging center is hard at work presenting your message for all to see. Our messaging boards are fully customizable and wireless. That means you can decide on a message for the night and go home with peace of mind.


One of the most noticeable benefits of our electronic boards is their versatility. We can design them with various graphic and text combinations, enabling you to create a compelling and engaging message that drives sales.

Timely Message Delivery

To stay ahead of the pack, you need a continually changing message. That's hard to do with static advertising. But it's easy to accomplish with an ever-changing and versatile electronic messaging center.

We Will Work Hard to Meet Your Expectations

We are proud of our ability to meet our clients’ expectations – no matter how challenging they might be. We use creativity as a powerful tool to manufacture good-looking and effective electronic messaging centers. Over the years, we have learned how important customer service is to our customers. We work hard on your behalf, and we can’t wait to positively impact your business.

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